Who We Are

The word remote has lost its meaning lately. After years of shooting wildlife around the world, and getting up, close, and personal with raw nature, Sherpa GX was formed out of pure passion to bring back the meaning of the word REMOTE, and to take you there: where wilderness is the ultimate luxury.

shar (”east”) pa (”people”)

In eastern Nepal and Tibet, the Sherpa people are well known for their elite mountaineering skills. Their expertise has led the way of every summit achieved up on the Himalayan highest peaks.

At Sherpa GX we aim to use our field knowledge to take you on breathtaking wildlife expeditions around the world.

Our Divisions & Services

Our Divisions
& Services



We are constantly updating our Featured Expeditions which are scheduled trips designed for small groups and can also be individually booked. You can always book a private expedition from our Expedition Catalogue, or request a specific trip and date to be open to the public.

Featured Expeditions Expedition Catalogue

The Handshake

Our Workflow cannot be summarized in a simpler way. It all starts with a metaphorical handshake when you reach out to us. A meet and greet, virtual or in person, where we will first listen, then brainstorm, then listen again (to your feedback) and proceed to craft your expedition with the utmost attention to detail, adjusted to your individual needs.


The Team

Team Sherpa

Jorge Cervera Hauser

Accomplished ocean explorer and underwater photographer. Jorge founded a major liveaboard operation where he also envisioned & designed one of the top liveaboard vessels in the world. Producer of the documentary México Pelágico, and the pioneer of open ocean safaris in Baja. A two-time speaker at TEDx, Jorge is passionate about everything wildlife, underwater photography, freediving, playing tennis, riding motorcycles and flying small aircraft.

Team Sherpa

Isa Madero

Mexico City born and a true adventurer. With a passion for travel from an early age, Isa’s big leap was taken in 2023 when she decided to fulfill her dream of swimming alongside orcas on a Sherpa GX expedition. This life-changing journey ignited her love for wildlife and kept her on a constant lookout for the next adventure. Graphic designer by profession, Isa blends creativity with her love for discovery, continuously seeking inspiration from the natural world around her.

Team Sherpa

Alex Medel

Our CFO has a long entrepreneurial and business career in industrial automation. Built from scratch, his company MELCSA is one of the segment leaders in Mexico, involved in all sorts of industry from automotive to steel, textile, and everything in between. Now semi-retired and living on the Yucatan coast by the sea, he agreed to get involved in SGX to manage and solidify our finances, so the rest of us can do what we do best: Adventure Travel.

Team Sherpa

Manuel Díaz-Cebrián

Former European Director of the Mexico Tourism Board for over 13 years. London-based, Manuel is a very well-respected authority on the subjects of travel and tourism. His passion for adventure and the seas has helped to shape his desire to protect the environment and to promote tourism in a sustainable way. As the creator of Mexico Chic, a luxury travel book, Manuel is very well versed in luxury travel and living well.

Team Sherpa

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